▬ Commit to bringing results for good ▬

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Social Justice

Purposeful Planning & Facilitation to Create Impact for Justice

Equity Strategies is founded on principles of convening groups in conversations that matter, attaining wise action, and is uniquely qualified to bring Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice perspectives to the table.

Commit to bringing results for good
Diverse people on a conversation

Create processes that enable actionable participatory leadership so an equitable and just world can emerge and succeed.

The voice of community members facing complex challenges guide our work and we center the most impacted voices to inform our solutions-focused results that are relevant, culturally responsive, and effective. Antônia Wilcoxon, Ed.D. brings a track record of effective experience, high motivation, and commitment to bringing new perspectives and fresh thinking to an organization’s board, organization culture, or project.

My Process & Theory of Change

Leadership development, consultancy, and training


We co-create images of leading and participating to guide and be guided to a destination of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Mutual Accountability > Transformation


We feel welcomed and curious enough to join in the discussion and planning together as a group.

Critical Perspective > Focus in Chaos


We understand the 'why' on which we build a foundation of dreams.

Inclusive Voices > Sustained Change

▬ A fresh approach ▬

Equity Strategies aims at creating processes where actionable participatory leadership for an equitable and just world can emerge and succeed.

Committed to bringing results for good.

We have a track record of bringing new perspectives and fresh thinking to your board, organization, or project.

We have found that I have the ability to engage participants on issues that matter greatly to them for culturally responsive solutions. Equity Strategies lead planning sessions from strategy setting to action planning, and visioning processes.

Why us? We care…

We get results by leveraging everyone’s contributions.

Voices of community members facing complex challenges guide our work and these voices inform the way to solutions that are relevant, culturally responsive and effective.We aim to help participants co-create and co-host with others, blending the collective wisdom in a working partnership and delivering a plan of action reflecting the harvest of answers, patterns, insights, and learnings pointing to wise action.


Our services include:
Every project we take on is an invitation to listen deeply, to engage in brave exploration, and to host well. We offer an inviting, courageous, and supportive approach.
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When Equity Strategies is engaged with your organization, we consider the relationship as a partnership

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Certified as a minority owned state vendor

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