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Participatory Leadership for an Equitable World

We lead planning sessions from strategy setting to action planning, and visioning processes.

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Leadership development, consultancy, and training

Create processes that enable actionable participatory leadership so an equitable and just world can emerge and succeed.

Bring new perspectives and fresh thinking to your board, organization, or project.

Relationship-building is an integral element of bringing differences together to usher in new ways of making meaning of situations under shared goals and decisions.

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Facilitating the voice of those otherwise silenced to bring transformation of systems

Equity Strategies is founded on principles of convening groups in conversations that matter, attaining wise action, and is uniquely qualified to bring diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice perspectives to the table.

The voice of community members facing complex challenges guide our work and we center the most impacted voices to inform our solutions-focused results that are relevant, culturally responsive, and effective. Antônia Wilcoxon, Ed.D. brings a track record of effective experience, high motivation, and commitment to bringing new perspectives and fresh thinking to an organization’s board, organization culture, or project.


Purposeful Planning & Facilitation to Create Impact for Justice

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When Equity Strategies is engaged with your organization, we consider the relationship as a partnership

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Certified as a minority owned state vendor

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