An immigrant of African descent from South America

I am multilingual, and bi-cultural, I have successfully navigated multi-sectors in the US for over 30 years. I worked in international finance for a commodities trading corporation doing business in Brazil. I convened a community-wide planning process to address the early childhood mental health needs of Head Start children and families, with groups including parents, service providers and funders, generating change in clinical practices that are still in place. I led efforts in organizational change by engaging senior managers in additional professional development to support outcomes accountability and develop/reinforce cultural competency among line staff. I am an effective, intentional change agent who cares deeply about facilitating the voice of those otherwise silenced, to bring about transformation of systems.

My approach

Frank and open communication, patient and persistent practice that eventually changes the nature of the encounter across obvious and not so obvious differences.

When I took early retirement from the state of Minnesota, I started my independent consultancy with the goal of centering the voices of those among us who are underserved and underinsured. Their voices, presence, hopes, and dreams are usually absent from the decision-making table that determines their destiny and livelihood.

I am gratified with the growth of Equity Strategies, LLC as I continue to be contracted by local governments, private nonprofit organizations, and corporations who became sensitized by the murder of Mr. George Floyd (and as the public narrative goes, the double pandemics of racism and COVID-19) and want to move to action. It is deliberate, persistent, and emotional work that demands much of all involved. And it moves at a slow pace. I have learned to be patient and guide the work with the keen awareness that what our communities needed yesterday, is still being negotiated at a snail’s pace before resolution and caring consideration are discussed and delivered.

  • Doctorate Degree in Education, Educational Leadership/Critical Pedagogy, University of St. Thomas, MN (May 2018)
  • Senior Leadership Institute, State of Minnesota (2018)
  • Humphrey Policy Fellow, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota (2010/2011)
  • Emerging Leaders Institute, State of Minnesota (2007)
  • Master’s Degree in International Management, University of St. Thomas, MN (December 1990)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil (August 1978)


Participatory Leadership Training and Praxis
  • Art of Hosting (Art of Participatory Leadership)
  • Technology of Participation – Institute of Cultural Affairs
  • Center for Purposeful Leadership:  Mastering Convening, Whole Person Leadership for Women
  • Human Systems Dynamics Institute: HSD Associate
  • Center for Purposeful Leadership -Art of Convening – Mastering Convening, 2022
  • Center for Purposeful Leadership – Whole Person Leadership for Women, 2020
Accolades & Honors
  • 5th World Conference on Remedies to Racial Ethnic Economic Inequities Dr. Cida Barreto Award, Vitoria, ES, Brazil (2018)
  • International Leadership Institute: Social Justice Citizen Award, Minneapolis, MN (2018)
  • School of Public Health Community Partners STAR Award recipient, University of Minnesota (2015)
  • My Brother’s Keeper Award from Q Health Connections for her commitment to the health and well-being of communities. Minneapolis, MN (2013)
  • National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP) certificate for “Exceptional work supporting the healthy mental development of young children and lasting contributions to NASHP.” Washington, D.C. (2007)
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